Why is disabling right click pointless Posted at 30.03.2010 10:18 by Martin Grüner
Why is disabling right click pointless

Even today, people disable right click on their website or ask us to do so. Reasons for doing it can be very different, but disabling right click is never the solution. It is probably the easiest “security” measure to bypass.

Disabling right click will however effect usability. By doing so, you take your visitors a change to open links on your website in new tab using right click. What are the pseudo reasons why people want to disable right click and why are they of no use?


Ensuring that your pictures are not copied


The easiest way of saving pictures from web to your hard drive is to use the appropriate option when right clicking on the picture. Thereby it’s logical to assume, that blocking right click will keep all images on your website safe. Sadly, the reality isn’t that simple. There are various ways to download pictures even with disabled right click, for example:


  • Disable Javascript in your browser settings. All mouse functions are back and fully operational
  • Drag the picture to the address bar. All modern browsers then open the picture like you typed in its URL directly. Then you can save the picture using right click and “Save picture” (or similar) option.


If you want to be sure no one uses your pictures without permission consider adding a watermark. Not that this is the ideal solution, but at least it work.


Protecting the source code


If you are worried about people stealing your public source code, right click is the least of your worries. Control + U will still do the job, or selecting view and source code from browsers toolbar. From there, people can scan and copy all the content of your HTML, CSS and JavaScript files. There absolutely nothing you can do about that. You can only either compress or encrypt them in order to render the files unreadable at first sight.


Protecting your content


Like pictures, there is little you can do to protect your site content. By disabling JavaScript or using Control + c , anyone can copy all the texts. Being first to publish the content, you can at least make sure Google will know it is yours.


Disabling right click is not only pointless but also disrespectful to your visitors. It should be avoided at all costs.

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