Why should your website be different from competitors’? Posted at 29.07.2010 14:44 by Martin Grüner
Why should your website be different from competitors’?

Unique and memorable website is important from business point of view. It’s the cheapest way to stand out from competitors and emphasize characteristic of your product or service. If your website looks boring or too much like competitors, it will likely be ignored by potential clients. At least it won’t be among the arguments for selecting you or your product over other providers. However a memorable website will bring visitors back and money to your bank account.

There are various ways to differ from competitors. Even though there is no single solution that guarantees success you can take measures to increase your odds.


Memorable design


Design is the first thing visitors see on your website. A great first impression comes from presentable yet unique and interesting layout. Design must firstly draw visitors’ attention to content. Thereby adding many interactive elements might not always be a good idea, however when used correctly can hold visitor at your site for longer. You shouldn’t use same colors on your website that competitors use. It ensures that potential client remembers your site and won’t mix them up, even unconsciously.




Favicon makes your website much more noticeable when potential client has bookmarked it. Most modern browsers display favicon in the list of bookmarks right before the bookmark name. If your website has a favicon and competitors don’t, you’ll be sure to stand out even if visitor has bookmarked both. People tend to notice the icon first and it’s always good to have your logo right in front of potential customers’ eyes.


Analyze your competitors’ websites


Is there anything about competitors’ websites that you especially like? Or hate? Observing and analyzing competitors’ websites is easiest way to improve yours. You should never copy design form competitor, however they functionality can be inspiring. For example 3d product previews or interactive map. Deploying functions like that is not copying but rather keeping up with the market. You will probably find ideas that look good but could use improving. Applying these improvements and implementing it on your website will give you an advantage.


Add blog to your website


Blog allows you to keep in touch with (potential) clients without annoying them with mailing list. Updating the blog regularly will help you stand out in search results and customers’ eyes. It will give you backlinks and useful blog posts demonstrate yours and your companies competence in the field. If you are not interested in opening a blog, you should at least have constantly updating new section on your website. That brings us to the next point.


Update your website often


New content will bring a person back, that’s a fact. Updating your website often shows potential clients and partners that you are active and in business. Now days companies value long term business relationships and rescission still shows it teeth, clients and partners want to be sure that you are in business both now and in few years’ time.

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