Signs which show that you need new webpage Posted at 24.03.2010 13:18 by Martin Grüner
Signs which show that you need new webpage Is it your website in the background compared to your business?

Website is not optimized for search engines

Search engine optimized pages rank better in search results, giving you a huge advantage over competitors. How to know if your current website is optimized? Easiest way to check it without any prior knowledge about search engine optimization if to check links and site titles at your website.


You can be rather sure that the site is not optimized if your webpage URLs look something like „index.php?id=43“ or „index.php?page=66“ and all the links in your site have same title.


Why to use these two parameters to make sure if the site is optimized? Search engine algorithms look into various details when calculating search results. Among the most important are the site title and URL. Lets take an example search „Hotels in Madrid“. If Google is given two pages with similar content, but ones link being „site.com?id=45“ and second ones „site.com/accommodation/hotels/madrid“ it will prefer the later. Also Google will prefer site title „Site.com – accommodation hotels in Madrid“ to just static „Site.com“ on every page through the site.


Your website design is not appealing

Everyone has their own understanding of beauty. Thereby evaluating your website design is not really an easy task. One of the possibilities to do it is so called „pride test“. Do you feel proud showing your website to client/partner/acquaintance? Does the person browsing the site look impressed and compliment it or rather tries to look away from the screen with disgust? Do you have the give explanations like „I’m sorry, we will update/fix/change that soon“ or „Sorry for only having the price list as .pdf, I can mail it to you as .docx if you want to“? You shouldn’t! That’s a concrete sign that you are not using the full potential of the website for your company.


Information on the website is aged

You might have concentrated on one market segment few years ago, but have moved to another by now. Over the years your partners and clients have changed. People visiting the site just ain’t the same they were when it was first made. Maybe you provide new services you didn’t back when the site first went online? You should look over your website to make sure if all the information is valid and up to date. Perhaps some service you provide deserve a separate website or at least a separate section. Clients interested in car hire are not the same that rent bulldozers. It’s a good idea to keep your website up to date. Always! Your website is not user friendly Try walking a mile in your clients shoes and try to find relevant information on your own website. If it takes more than 2 clicks you should think about simplifying the navigation. Another way to test usability is so called „grandmom test“. Ask your mother/grandmother or any other person, who is not on first name basis with computers to find some information from your website. Did they succeed or just claimed how much they hate computers after a while. In reality its not the computers they hate. Its your website! It’s time to replace it.

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