Legal requirements for e-commerce solutions in Estonia Posted at 23.03.2010 8:47 by Martin Grüner
Legal requirements for e-commerce solutions in Estonia


Estonia didn’t have legistlation concerning e-commerce solutions until mid 2008. Paragraphs concerning e-commerce were introduced on May 15 2008. E-commerce was defined as „Offering or selling products or services without two parties being physically present“ (trade law § 2.3).. This means, that e-commerce regulations don’t only apply for online shops, but also to online booking systems.

Mandatory information on website

Trade law §4.11 lists information which has to be published on the website.

  • Traders name or business name. You also have to register your online business at the local self-governance if your company is located in Estonia.
  • Business register code
  • Location address. If you only operate online, just display the address where your business is registred to.
  • Contact details. Info society law requires you to definatelt display e-mail address.
  • Price of products or services according to consumer protection law

Law dows not define where exactly the listed information has to be. Only condition is, that client must be able to find it. It is reccomended to dislay it in websites footer or another location where it is always visible.

Requirements for order processing

E-commerce solutions must enable client to mend possible errors in data before confirmation. This basically means, that cart view must allow client to change quantity of or remove products. After the confirmations you must digitally inform the client of it. The exact method is not defined, but e-mail is preferable. Price must also clearly state if it includes taxes and delivery.

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