How intelligent web solutions boost your sales Posted at 07.04.2010 13:10 by Martin Grüner
How intelligent web solutions boost your sales

What are intelligent web solutions?

Intelligent web solutions are about generating personal personalized content for users. This means, that every user sees only the information relevant to him. A nice example of intelligent web solution is Amazon.com, which gives users recommendations based on their previous purchases.


It is done by analyzing user actions and predicting his interests and probable next actions. Using various algorithms and enough information, you can give user proper suggestions. User who has been browsing books about photography is probably also interested in photo editing.


How can it benefit your business?

Intelligent web solutions create personal relationship between you and your client. Regular online shop is single application, personalized web makes as many shops as there are visitors. Customers are more likely to return to shop that sells exactly what they need rather to place that requires hours of their time to find right products. Supermarkets are great, but wouldn’t you prefer a small shop, that sells exactly what you need, always? Most people would choose the later. Intelligent web solutions allow you to create exactly such shop for your customers.


What kind of data can I use?

You can use data you already have about the products you sell or services you provide. For example, a bookshop does know what the book is about and spare parts shop knows that they are used for. In addition to that, you can use all the data user has left behind. Pages he has visited products he has bought, his location and occasionally even personal data like age or gender. This is the base for generating personal recommendations for users.


You can also use Collaborative Filtering. Collaborative Filtering is grouping people with similar interests or data to give user recommendations. You can use the past purchases of people with similar interests to give product advice to visitors. In most cases, this is more accurate than trying to guess what user wants using formulas. Users will do the job for you!


Does intelligent web application always have to be that huge

Web application does not exactly have to analyze users’ purchases or give exact recommendations to be intelligent. It is enough to remember users mailing address or credit card number. Of cause, more intelligent applications are smart choice in terms of maximizing profit.


Dangers that come with intelligent web

No one likes the forced smile of the girl behind the cash register or lawyers grin that come from terms in job contract or the sum of the money he is about to receive, respectively. That’s how your intelligent web solution might look like if it gives inaccurate advice. It will leave negative impression to visitor and he is unlikely to come back.


Imagine a shop selling gardening supplies. Users buys a shovel and it offers him a black plastic bag because the algorithm assumes he is about to bury his mother-in-law. In reality, he is about to plant some apple trees. The example might be a bit extreme, but so is the danger. Intelligent web application must really be intelligent.

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