What we do?
Websites | Companys online identity

Our vision

In todays world, webpage is not merely online version of your business card, but a source of revenue. Thereby, a webpage must be unique and provide your customers with more than just information about your opening times and phone numbers. For archiving this, we use newest technologies and interactive solutions.

Website useability

Websites usability is reflection of your attitude towards clients. Website where information is hard to find or poorly organised will make people doupt your credibility and commitment to clients satisfaction. Our aim is to crate websites that are both esthetical and user friendly. Usability is often stuck in details. We can help you both compose and make up texts for your website.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your website for search engines is the cheapest for of online advertising. It will help you outrank your competitors in Google/Bing/Yahoo etc results. All our websites we create are search engine optimized.

Service contract

Service contract consists of 1 hour of work (design/programming/text make up) per month and updates to your website platform. Service contract ensures, that your website is always running on newest and the most secure version of content management system. Service contract costs 32€ monthly.

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